how to sell bitkoyn? How can I sell bitcoins if I do not have acquaintances interested in bitcoin sell ? There are several options: for example, you can learn how to trade on the exchange, or find a suitable exchanger. The exchange (like Bitstamp or opens accounts for customers inside the system (there it will have to first transfer their bitcoins), allows you to make transactions at the market price (including automatically using robots) and withdraw funds to your own accounts. But exchanges sometimes hack, and its owners can suddenly limit the withdrawal of funds. In addition, for a one-time operation this system is complicated: after the completion of the transaction you will still have to withdraw funds. These are special sites that act as intermediaries in transactions on the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies. Unlike the exchange, you will receive your money immediately after the transaction is completed. Traditional exchangers operate according to the following scheme: The seller and the buyer find each other thanks to the site of the exchanger. Each of the parties transfers funds (money) to the so-called exchanger’s escrow accounts. Exchange staff are waiting for the fulfillment of obligations by both parties. If the seller and the buyer have transferred the necessary amounts, the exchanger sends the escrow-invoices to the seller and the crypto currency to the buyer. Otherwise, the exchanger returns the funds to their owners. 85020